22 März 2018

about titles

„Fish“ (first title)
I used „fish“ as a working title until now.
My brother likes to catch and cure his own fish and we could establish a trusting bond in our talks, while he was smoking his meat. He built a smoker by himself, and cures fishmeat regularly for his family and friends. In 2016/17 the film was still a project about showing the life in poland today. I soon realised, that it would not be possible for me to pull such a weight with no big budget, no car, and just a small team.
Also, it didn’t strike me as representative, to show the life of poland today, filming only my family.

Here’s the older excerpt:

The current idea for a title is „Noch ist Polen nicht verloren“ from the polish hymn. When I think of titles, I think of the state, where I want the project to go at this very moment. The title is arrogant, but also hopeful. I have hope.